360° Construction - Comprehensive Solutions from Design to Completion

We offer comprehensive engineering services in construction and development at a fair quality-price ratio. Our team of specialists has extensive experience in every aspect of construction, from design and planning to execution and completion. The superior quality of the performed activities and delivering projects on time and within established budgets recommend us with each completed project.




Our unwavering commitment revolves around delivering optimal returns on our clients’ investments, achieved through meticulous attention to detail and unwavering precision in each project. We leverage BIM Technologies and 3D Design software to attain exceptional outcomes of the highest standard.

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We perform the entire construction work cycle, from planning to delivering the finished project. These include earthworks and foundation works, construction of load-bearing walls, fabrication and installation of the arched structure and side walls with doors, floor execution, and installation of engineering networks.

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Project management

We organize and supervise the entire project, from the idea stage to the reception phase, including scheduling and quality control, ensuring that all established goals and objectives are achieved, and the execution complies with legal norms and quality standards.

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Engineering & Development

Complete development management services for agro-industrial facilities, including site selection and analysis, design, construction, and project management to enhance efficiency and quality, and to ensure a functional and seamless process.



Extensive experience in the agro-industrial sector.

Our construction company has specialized expertise in the design and construction within the agro-industrial field, which allows us to understand the specifics and needs of this sector in a detailed manner.

Efficiency and Cost Optimization

Cost optimization in every project we undertake is a priority. We carefully manage resources and utilize the best practices to provide our customers with cost-effective and sustainable solutions.

Customized and innovative solutions

We approach each project with a creative vision and develop personalized solutions tailored to our clients’ unique requirements, aiming to optimally address their needs and goals, thus ensuring their satisfaction and success.

Superior quality of work

We are dedicated to providing superior quality in all aspects of our construction. We use high-quality materials and work with specialized teams, ensuring a durable and efficient final outcome.




Together, we are building the future of your business.

Each stage of the process contributes to achieving an excellent result.

First Contact

Request a personalized consultation through a phone call or by completing the form on our website.

Signing the Contract

Signing the contract ensures transparency, clarity, compliance with deadlines and costs of your project.

Project Development

Benefit from the expertise of the team of engineers and architects in developing a project adapted to your requirements and needs.

Construction Execution

See how our team of talented professionals turn your idea into a successful project.

Facility Operation

Maximize your business success with this facility that offers outstanding functionality and development opportunities.





Throughout our collaboration on the construction of the agricultural warehouse measuring 24m x 60m in the city of Soroca In the year 2020, the company CONTINENTAL INVEST SRL (Angar.md) demonstrated a high level of professionalism, commitment, and quality, which led to an excellent experience for us as clients. In a personalized manner, they took into consideration our specific needs and made an effort to provide services of the highest quality, while respecting their contractual commitments. We were impressed by the level of attention given to every detail of the project and their ability to adapt and cope with challenges during the construction process. Moreover, the CONTINENTAL INVEST SRL team has demonstrated remarkable experience and professional competence, successfully completing the project within the established timeframe and according to current technical standards. These qualities convinced us to collaborate on the construction of the second warehouse in 2022. We are proud to recommend CONTINENTAL INVEST SRL as a trustworthy, innovative, and modern partner.
I have used the services of CONTINENTAL INVEST SRL (Angar.md) company to construct an agricultural warehouse with dimensions of 20m x 60m in the district Drochia, s. Pelinia. Throughout our collaboration, the company has stood out through its responsiveness to our requests, exemplary efficiency, and professional competence. The project was completed within the specified terms and according to the current technical standards while providing the best quality-to-price ratio. Following this positive experience, we confidently recommend CONTINENTAL INVEST SRL for future successful collaborations.
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In the year 2022, we successfully collaborated with Angar.md for the construction of a warehouse for storing cereals with dimensions of 20m x 60m, in Cișmichioi, UTA Gagauzia. Their team demonstrated professionalism and attention to detail throughout the entire construction process, completing the project on time, according to the design and current technical standards. The result was a quality agricultural depot, which proved to be a valuable investment for my business. I confidently recommend CONTINENTAL INVEST SRL for any future construction project.

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