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Together we build success.

For more than a decade, our company has been dedicated to the expert construction of prefabricated arch steel buildings, serving the agro-industrial and commercial sectors in the Republic of Moldova.

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Beton constructie metalica arcuit angar md

Over time, we’ve cultivated reliable partnerships and client connections, playing a pivotal role in the growth of 60+ entities across agro-industrial and commercial sectors, consequently establishing an excellent reputation in the industry. Furthermore, we have continuously invested in the latest technologies and have assembled a team of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience.

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Empowered by our design, construction, engineering, and development prowess, our mission is to consistently exceed expectations, offering personalised, efficient, and sustainable solutions for our clients For this, we follow market trends, embrace new ideas, consistently invest only in quality resources, and implement cutting-edge technologies.

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To achieve this, we track market trends, adopt innovative concepts, consistently invest in high-quality resources, and utilize high-tech solutions.

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We are convinced that our success is closely tied to the satisfaction of our clients and long-term strategic partners with whom we have built strong relationships. We approach each project with integrity, honesty, and transparency, striving to deliver excellence at every stage of the process.



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We know that every decision has an impact

With extensive experience in the field and a team of qualified specialists, we are dedicated to achieving superior quality results in every project we undertake. In this context, we want to share our core values, which guide us at every stage of the construction process and are the foundation of our long-term success.




We are dedicated to providing high-quality services in every project we undertake, through innovative materials and technologies, as well as attention to detail and our clients’ needs.


We aim to achieve and surpass the performance standards in the construction industry through an innovative and efficient approach and the use of the best available technology.


We are a team of professionals passionate about what we do, and we are dedicated to achieving the best results in every project through innovative thinking, perseverance, and experience.


We are dedicated to developing and implementing the best practices in our field of activity, as well as being leaders in innovation and creating sustainable solutions for our clients.



Our team is the foundation of our success and growth.

Over the years of activity, we have formed a group of professionals with exceptional skills and extensive experience in agro-industrial and commercial construction.

The entire team of specialists, from agricultural-industrial construction engineers, technical directors, architects, site managers, project managers, equipment and installations experts, all the way to skilled workers, are dedicated to delivering exceptional results and work closely together to ensure the timely delivery of projects.

We believe that the expertise of our team and attention to detail is what enables us to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations.

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